We can help you freely if you have problem

Dear Chinese students,   If you have problems in participating the event in memory of Dr. Li Wenliang, we can help you freely. Please stand up bravely and echo the last words by Li Wenliang: “There should be more than one voices in a healthy society”. Because we believe that the human rights without voice […]

Vietnam: Crackdown on Rights Activists

Pro-Environment Supporters Targeted   EXPAND Hoang Duc Binh.  © Private (New York) – Vietnam should drop charges against human rights defender Hoang Duc Binh and another defendant, Nguyen Nam Phong, and immediately release them, Human Rights Watch said today. Criminal trials for the two men are scheduled for January 25, 2018, before the People’s Court in Dien […]

Vietnam: End Repression Against Religious Activists

Hoa Hao Buddhist Practitioners Persecuted   Top: Bui Van Trung (left), Bui Van Tham (center), and Le Thi Hen (right) Bottom: Bui Thi Bich Tuyen (left) Nguyen Hoang Nam (center), and Le Hong Hanh (right)    © Dao Trang Ut Trung   (New York) – Vietnam should suspend charges against six Hoa Hao Buddhist followers and investigate whether […]

Recent Persecution of “Shouters” in China

In 2017 and 2018, there are new persecution of “Shouters” cases in Anhui, Henan and Xinjiang. According to the website “China Judgments Online” sponsored by China Supreme People’ Court, there are Christian local church members being arrested and sentenced because of their meeting ,Preaching Gospel and reading of church books in Tongling, Huangshan of Anhui, Yongcheng of Henan […]

We got IRS Approval

We got determination letter from IRS to confirm that we are 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.